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Online appointments

You can order prescriptions, book appointments and view part of your medical record from 31 March 2016 online with SystmOnline. To register for this service you will need to come to the Surgery in person with 2 pieces of ID – one to be photo ID and one to have your address on it which must be less than 3 months old. Ask the receptionist for details of how to register for SystmOnline. We will then supply you with a username and first password. To start using the service click on the link above.  

Doctor appointments

To make an appointment call 01986 892055 or book at the Reception desk.

You can also book on-line by clicking SystemOnline link above.

  • Routine appointments are booked on the day, either coming to see a doctor, or on the telephone.
  • When these are full, the practice operate a GP telephone triage system.  A GP will call you back and discuss your problem with you.  They will then advise the best course of action.
  • Appointments are 10 minutes duration, please request a longer appointment if you have more than 1 problem
  • We have limited appointments which can be booked in advance

Nurse appointments

If your problem is relatively minor (e.g. coughs/colds, sore throats, ear infections, eye infections, nose bleeds, tummy ache, etc) you will be given an appointment with a Senior Nurse who will continue to run the Same Day Clinic. The Nurse has access to a doctor during the clinic if a patient needs to be referred on.  Our Long Term Condition Clinics and Practice Nurse appointments can be booked in advance as normal.

 Allocated GP

All patients at the Bungay Medical Practice are registered with the practice, but have an ALLOCATED GP.

The allocated GP is responsible for results, clinical tests and correspondence with other healthcare professionals.

Patients may be seen by any of our GP clinical team.  You will be informed of your allocated GP at the time of registration.  If you would like to know who your allocated GP is, please ask our reception team.

Extended hours

We hope that the evening appointment service will be useful to our patients who are not able to access our usual daytime appointments.

Patients may now book appointments during the following times:

Mondays - Routine appointments from 7.00 am - 8.00 am

Thursdays - Routine appointments from 6.50 pm - 8.20 pm

Please note that there is limited availability for these appointments

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