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Obtain a sick note

You do not need a sick certificate from us for the first five working days of your illness. Simply tell your employer you are unwell.

After five working days you will need an NHS certificate for which there is no charge. Simply make an appointment with a doctor.

If your illness extends beyond the certified period you should usually return to a doctor for a further certificate. However a doctor may be able to give an extension certificate without seeing you if he is in possession of a discharge letter from the hospital if you have just come out, or if a further extension is required for not more than fourteen days. You can request this in the following ways.

In Person

Leave a message for the doctor at reception. Allow at least 24 hours until picking it up.

By telephone

Leave a message for the doctor with the receptionist. Allow at least 24 hours until picking it up.

By email

Leave a message for the doctor on post.master@nhs.net

Sick notes are now referred to as 'fit' notes by the government; the emphasis being on helping people back to work. Your doctor can now make suggestions to your employer on how they might ease you back into work, e.g. phased return, altered hours, amended duties or workplace adaptions, etc. Please ask your doctor if you think that these might help you. Further information is available from the following website: www.direct.gov.uk


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