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Heart Disease

If you have a 'Long Term Condition' such as hypertension/stroke/coronary heart disease (e.g. angina or previous heart attack) your review will usually be undertaken by the Practice Nurse.

We will contact you to arrange review of your Long Term Condition. However, if you have a query please telephone the Nurses' Secretary direct on 01986 891718.


Hypertension/Stroke/Coronary Heart Disease Reviews:

If you have one of the above conditions there will usually be two check-ups a year with the Practice Nurse. Once a year you will need a blood test the week before your check-up and this will need to be 'fasting' (nothing to eat or drink, except for water, for 12 hours before your test).

Many patients now check their own blood pressure and bring their readings to the check-up. This is very helpful as patients' readings are often much lower at home than in the surgery.

If you, or the Practice Nurse, have any concerns about your condition, we will give you an appointment to see your GP.




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