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Choose & Book and Patient Choice

Choose and Book is a national electronic referral service which gives patients a choice of place, date and time for their first out-patient appointment in a hospital or clinic.

If you and your GP decide that you need to see a specialist for further treatment, you can now choose where to have your treatment from a list of hospitals or clinics. Most patients will be able to choose from at least four hospitals - as long as they meet your health needs. Your doctor will talk to you about what your choices are and help you decide where to make the referral. 

As soon as your doctor completes the referral you will be sent some information which explains how to book your appointment. In some cases your doctor's secretary may book the first available appointment for you in order to ensure that you are seen as quickly as possible. You can change the appointment if it is not convenient for you. If you need assistance with Choose and Book your doctor's secretary will be able to help you.

The referral letter will be sent electronically to the hospital.

There are still some services which are not available under the new system - for these services a standard paper referral letter will be sent in the usual way and the hospital will contact you with an appointment.

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