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Advice for Ear Problems

Advice for people with Ear Problems

  • Keep your ear canals dry when washing you hair, showering or swimming. This can be achieved by using ear plus or cotton wool covered with Vaseline. Before going swimming check with a nurse that swimming will not harm your ears.


  • Ear canals have a self-cleaning mechanism so please do not use cotton buds, hair grips, matches etc. to clean or dry your ears. These can damage the delicate lining of your ear canal and may even perforate your ear drum.


  • Do not scratch your ears and this may spread infection. If they are itchy consult your nurse.


  • Ig you have frequent problems with excessive ear was it may be beneficial to use 1-2 drops of olive oil each week. This will not stop wax colle4cting but will make removal easier, as olive oil encourages the natural movement of was from the outer ear.


  • If you are to have your ears irrigated (syringed) to remove excess was, you must inform the nurse before she/he starts if you have a perforated ear drum or have had any ear surgery.


  • If your symptoms do not improve with treatment, or if they get worse, consult your nurse or doctor.


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