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How to use Ear Drops

Using Olive Oil Ear Drops

Olive oil encourages the natural movement of wax from the outer ear.

It is advisable to buy a bottle of olive oil and a 'dropper' from your local pharmacist.

Please apply 1-2 drops of olive oil twice a day for 5-7 days prior to your ear syringe appointment as this assists wax removal. If you have continued problems with excessive wax it may be beneficial to use 1-2 drops of olive oil each week. This will not stop wax collecting but will make removal easier.

1. Lay down on your side with the affected ear upwards.

2. Gently pull the outer ear backwards and upwards.

3. Using room temperature olive oil and the dropper drop 1-2 drops in the ear canal and gently massage the area in front of the ear and behind it.

4. Remain lying down for 10 minutes and then wipe away any excess oil. Do not put any cotton wool in your ear in a attempt to keep the drops in as it will absorb the oil and make it less effective.

Repeat the procedure with the opposite ear if necessary. Many patients find it beneficial to have one ear irrigated at a time as any fluid can make the wax swell and temporarily impair hearing further.


Using drops prescribed by the doctor or nurse.

1. Follow the instructions as for olive oil drops.

2. You may need to use the drops more frequently than olive oil ear drops. Please follow the instructions on the bottle.

3. Make sure you complete the course of treatment.

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