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 19th December 2018

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WE HAVE BEEN AWARDED OUTSTANDING – People with long term conditions


Our practice was awarded a rating of GOOD overall in all other areas and services

We are very proud of our result.

Chronic disease and long term conditions are particularly important in our area because we have a very high number of elderly patients often with various longstanding medical problems.

We are passionate about training and research.  It is only by being involved in training the doctors of tomorrow whether medical students or GP registrars that we can ensure that there are high quality caring doctors for the future.

We thank all patients who have been involved or are currently helping with research.  We think this gives patients opportunities and helps improve medical care for everyone.

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This year we have some exciting research projects that we are taking part in.  On choosing which research to be involved in we particularly like projects that are a priority for our patients.  Because of this we are involved in research in diabetes, asthma and COPD.

The asthma study is looking at finding the best way to treat asthma attacks.  The question the study wants to answer is that if you increase the dose of peoples’ inhalers by 4 times when people have an attack whether this helps them recover quicker.


We are involved in 2 projects in diabetes

The diabetic study is trying to look at any genetic or clinical findings that will help us choose the best medication for people with type 2 diabetes.  There is a comparison between people that need insulin for their type 2 diabetes or people that are managed well on just diabetic tablets.  As a practice we have the highest level of diabetes in Northumberland about 8% of our practice population.  From this study other studies may develop and will be seeing whether they would be beneficial to patients too.

COPD study

This is a study looking at different drug treatment for people with COPD.  It is looking at giving people a very low dose of one of the tablets used to treat COPD.  We are trying to see whether this low dose reduces times that peoples COPD need to attend the GP for medical care also hoping to improve their quality of life and increase their life expectancy. 

Glendale has a high level of alcohol problem drinking!  We are involved in a study looking at genetic factors that might be involved in making people who drink alcohol less likely to develop a serious liver condition called sclerosis.

There may be other exciting research opportunities further on in the year we will keep you informed. Anyone who is interested in being part of research can contact us however if you are eligible we will normally contact you and send an information leaflet.  We have been doing the research for several years and are very grateful to the patients who have been involved for the support you have given us. 

It has been noted at the Research Forum that the patients in Wooler seem to get involved not just to help themselves but also to help improve the care to others.

Practice Ethos

As a practice we put patients at the heart of everything we do. We recognise patients as individuals with wants and needs and also as part of a family and the wider community. We aim to care for our patients whatever their problem may be in a compassionate and confidential manner.

As a practice we want to embrace opportunities to deliver services based in the local community wherever possible. This is because we recognise our practice has a high number of elderly patients situated rurally and remotely from the main hospitals.

We recognise that the NHS has limited funds, so want to work with patients to prioritise and champion the services they need and to be able to set up new and innovative services.

We will work across regional and national organisations to ensure best care for our patients.

The only way to delivery this is to have a motivated, well trained and supported health care team who are fulfilled in their work.


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