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We are pleased to say we are now a fully fledged research practice this means that the Practice has shown itself to reach certain standards of performance particularly concerning how we look after patient information and confidentiality.

This is a new activity the Practice has started we hope that by being involved in research we can have access to information and sometimes even treatments that may be beneficial to our patients that are normally available. It is also thought that by being involved in research we might help improve the quality and standard of health care for all patients.

We currently have projects underway which are to do with treating patients who present with a cough, the use of computers by doctors, nurses and paramedics, the management of patients with only one kidney and we plan to become involved in further research about patients with diabetes and mental health problems.

If you think the research is appropriate to you the doctor or a nurse will give you a full explanation of what this involves, be reassured that the most important thing to us is that although research may be beneficial that no possible harm is done to our patients and that your information is kept confidential.


Click here to view full Article that was published in the British Journal of General Practice regarding Patients able to choose Appointment lengths. 

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