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Sharing my Confidential Information

NHS England has commissioned a data service from the Health & Social Care Information Centre to extract patient data from all GP computer systems in England .


This care data will be identifiable to you though it will not extract your name, it will  include your NHS Number, Date of Birth, Gender and Postcode. This will allow patient's GP data to be linked to their hospital data. No free text will be extracted, only coded information about referrals, NHS prescriptions and other clinical data.


The HSCIC will process the confidential data in a secure environment and can only release confidential data where there is a legal basis.


Patients have the choice to object to their data being extracted.  To do this, you must contact the practice to have this recorded on your records.  Failure to do this will assume ‘implied consent’  and your data will be extracted. 


Leaflets are available in reception.

For more information, including a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), please go to the website at

You can also get further information from the website at


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