Doctors in Wooler - Cheviot Medical Group - GP services 15th November 2018

Dr Lambourn

As you probably know, Cheviot Medical Group is a longstanding training practice, and we welcome Dr Anna Brassington to the practice. Anna is in the final six months of specialist training in General Practice and hopefully will be entering practice as a specialist in her own right in August. It is my job to supervise her in the practice as well as delivering much of her teaching along with other members of the team.  A newer activity I am involved with is teaching established GPs how to teach - I have had Dr Graham Roberts from Widdrington attached to me for this purpose and I have been teaching him how to teach our registrars - he is currently undergoing his final assessment so he can become  GP trainer in his own right.  As GP trainers we have a North Northumberland Trainer Group to support each other  keep up-to-date on educational matters - we meet every two months. I organise these sessions.  Training and teaching is very important as it helps provide an appropriate workforce for the future [including some who come back and work as locums for us, such as Dr Rhiannon Dovey and Dr Natalie Robinson].
I am also involved in recruitment and selection of GP trainees prior to commencement of training - a quite involved task but necessary to ensure that only people with requisite attitudes and capability enter GP training.
I also am heavily involved with the Royal College of General Practitioners - the RCGP is a quality-focussed professional organisation which looks at quality  healthcare.  Many GPs are members of the RCGP - they have to go through a rigorous examination and assessment process to be entitled to be members.  I am chair of the North East England Faculty of the RCGP, regularly attend and chair meetings in Newcastle and also go to London.  Recently I was honoured to present RCGP certificates to successful candidates at a ceremony in London.  I am also a member of the RCGP Rural Forum Steering Group - which is a UK-wide RCGP committee which organises education and support for rural doctors.  I am currently helping organise a national conference for rural doctors.
Other things I have been doing including helping ensure quality in ambulance service - I am GP representative on the North East Ambulance Service clinical advisory group, involving three -monthly meetings in Newcastle, plus a lot of preparatory work.
I am also honorary medical officer to the North Northumberland Point-to-Point Races, and enjoy presiding at races -hopefully without too many serious injuries.
I have probably missed a few things but hopefully this will give an insight of some of the extremely important healthcare activities I get up to when not actually seeing patients face-to-face.  All of these activities help maintain and improve quality care not just for our own patients but for patients throughout the North East and beyond, both now and for the future.
Robert Lambourn


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