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Dr Batley


Dr Batley

What else we get up to

Apart from seeing patients I have other roles and interests within the practice. 

I am the GP lead for research this involves looking at suitable research projects for our practice and our patients.  I work together on this with our research nurse Angela Ramsay with admin support especially from Johanna Hume in her role as Medicine Manager and Vera Skeen as Senior Receptionist.   We have recently even delivered a research project by combining with Glendale and Belford Surgeries.

Once we agree to do a study the patients are contacted and offered the opportunity to be involved in these studies.  After special training from the study team we are even able to see and perform the studies in our own practice.  This is our aim and we want to make it possible to give people the opportunity to be involved with things without having to travel.

I do a lot of work as a lead in the practice for our work with outside bodies.  This involves working with the Practice Manager on CQC standards and inspection.  I am the GP lead in charge of medicines management, adult safeguarding and child protection.  Every Monday in the practice there is a multidisciplinary meeting with the District Nurses to discuss all housebound patients, all patients with palliative care needs.  Monthly we meet with the Health Visitor, School Nurse and Midwife to discuss the patients who are pregnant and all children’s and family services.

I am currently the chair of the Primary Health Care Team this is a meeting every two months in which all members of the team across both surgeries meet up to share information, take part or organise educational events and is for them to discuss any issues relevant to any professional or Wooler patients in general.

The practice teaches final year medical students I always take the lead on this and find it really rewarding as this is the next generation of doctors.  We are also keen to try and persuade them to be GPs!

The GPs in north Northumberland have formed a Lindisfarne provider group.  The aim of this is to look at how practices can work together, how we can ensure that rural patients have access to as many services as possible and look at how we can as an organisation provide new types of care for our patient population.  Apart from general medical services the practice offers lots of extra       services such as contraception, minor injuries, services for dementia, high risk patients to name but a few.  To ensure the smooth running of these there is regular meetings between me and Caroline, Practice Manager  and Angie, Practice Nurse this enables the practice to be involved in delivering as many services as possible locally.

Personally I have a keen interest in sports and sports medicine.  As a youngster I did gymnastics and swimming for Lancashire and participated in national competitions.  During this process I learnt a lot about trauma and sports injuries some from personal experience.  In my previous practice I had an opportunity to continue my interest in this area I continued to run, cycle, swim, ski and hike.  I therefore can at least have sympathy with many of our active patients who enjoy being physically active in the beautiful countryside. 


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