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Patient Feedback


You can leave feedback for the surgery and access helpful information from the National Health Service on conditions, treatment, local services and healthy living at

Practice Feedback

At Cheviot Medical Group we strive to give the best possible care to our patients, and were delighted to see the results of the Care Quality Commission in which the practice scored highly, getting 'outstanding' or 'good' in all areas.


If you feel you have been treated well, or a member of the team has been particularly helpful, please let us know as praise and positive feedback are very important.  Equally, we are always striving to improve our services [it would be great to achieve 'outstanding'  in all areas !] and if you spot any areas where we can offer an even better service please let us know as constructive feedback  and new ideas can be very helpful. We may not have the resources to always carry them out but will certainly bear any ideas in mind.  We have an active Patient Participation Group which you may consider joining.  You may also like to participate in the 'Friends and Family' test - if so please ask for an appropriate form at reception.


We also appreciate that even in the best of practices, things can occasionally go wrong, and , like all practices, we have a complaints procedure.  In the unfortunate event that this might be necessary, please contact the practice manager Caroline Douglas for full details.




Friends and Family Feedback

Feedback forms for Friends and Family are available from Reception.



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